WELKER BEARING v. PHD (means-plus-functionクレーム解釈)(4) [米国特許(判例)の研究]


Before the district court, Welker Bearing accused two PHD products, the “Clamp I” and “Clamp II” devices, of infringement. The chronology of PHD’s development of its Clamp I and II devices is relevant to this appeal. In early 2004, PHD engaged in discussions with General Motors (“GM”) regarding the design of a new pin clamp for its assembly lines. At one meeting, PHD officials met with GM officials in a GM room where one of Welker Bearing’s pin clamps was on display. The parties dispute whether PHD saw the internal workings of Welker Bearing’s clamp at that time. Later, PHD developed prototypes of its Clamp I device, which uses a rotational mechanism to move clamping fingers into and out of the pin clamp.

In October 2004, shortly after the September 7, 2004 issuance of the ’478 patent, Welker Bearing learned from GM that PHD had developed the Clamp I device. Soon thereafter, Welker Bearing notified PHD in writing that it believed Clamp I infringed the ’478 patent. Officials from the two companies met to discuss the dispute in November 2004. PHD asked for a license to sell Clamp I. Welker Bearing refused. After this meeting, PHD developed a modified design, Clamp II, which lacks a rotating central post for moving clamping fingers in and out of the locating pin.



 クランプI ・・・rotationあり
 クランプII ・・・rotationなし

 '478特許 ・・・rotationの限定あり
 '254特許(継続出願) ・・・rotationの限定なし




エリン・ブロコビッチ コレクターズ・エディション [DVD]

エリン・ブロコビッチ コレクターズ・エディション [DVD]

  • 出版社/メーカー: ソニー・ピクチャーズエンタテインメント
  • メディア: DVD

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